Every family’s dream is to have a happy, independent, social, and emotional child. A child who can communicate with all five senses with the world around him, see, hear, touch, experience and express himself well.
One of the main concerns of the international community is to improve the child’s ability to interact and interact with society. Indeed, children are expected to enjoy life and benefit others. Such a person should have, we young people who can live healthy, high social, emotional, physical, verbal and intellectual skills.
The Montreal Syrian teaching method has been very successful as a leading educational method in raising such a child. This method was created many years ago by Maria Montreal and has been used as a cognitive method in other countries until now. The tales of this method have been creatively and, as an ancient institution specialized in storytelling, more able to localize and assess the needs of Iranian children. The world, along with the story, deals with the current society around it and eventually flourishes and can move on with its creativity.
Monte Syrian teachings in the land of ancient tales are as follows:

1- Getting acquainted with everyday life

2 – Aviation and Alphabetic Language Learning

3 – Culture section includes: (Storytelling, Periodicals and Everyday Talk with Classmates and Calendars, Creative Play, Poetry, and Familiarity with Iranians)

4- Attention-Focused Music: Boosts auditory intelligence and plays precision and attention games that improve reading, comprehension, and accuracy around the environment.

5- Science: Getting to know the environment and respecting the environment and getting acquainted with animals, plants and geography, gardening and planting along with film, storytelling, handicrafts, planting and camping and child births according to the law of motion of the earth and the sun.

6- Math Introduction to Mathematical Concepts and Understanding Mathematical Words Understanding Geometry and Geometric Forms Visually through Montreal Tools .

7 – Strengthening motor intelligence.