Farahnaz Alizadeh

Director of the Land of Ancient Tales Institute


“I want an Iranian to have a reputation in the world of his people. A happy, energetic and capable man who always looks at the high horizons and is creative, diligent and thinking.”

“Maybe being a mom made me discover the colorful world of childhood. It was from those days that I realized that the future of humanity was in their hands, and investing in them meant building the future.
As a human being I want to play a role in the bright future of my land. To bestow security, peace, happiness and pride on the future.”

Ms. Farahnaz Alizadeh is a PhD student in philosophy of education. She is the Managing Director and Founder of the Institute of Ancient Tales. She has previously worked in various fields including :

-Director- general of association of children and teenager literature fans(NGO)
-Manager of the expert library for teenagers.
-Head of public relations of assistant office of municipality libraries.
-Manager of social intercommunications.
-Head of public relations department.

Azam Ghasemi

Director of the Training Department of the Institute of Ancient Tales


“I suppose everyon’s destiny is entwind with events of which there are no way out. Up on this belief, story have chosen me , and then it wanted to spin it’s lovely yarns .
” As they always have coined the popular phrase ;I started my story:”once up on a time””

Ms. Azam Ghasemi holds a Masters Degree in Persian Language and Literature. She currently manages the Department of Education of the Institute of Ancient Tales and is one of the founders of the Institute. She has previously held various positions including :
-Managing director in IIDAC .
-Teaching training for storytellers.
-Attending training workshop held for storyteeling in different institute and differnet countries.
-Referee of various festival of storytelling